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Yeah, so I haven't been on LJ in three months.  See, that huge storm that flattened the east US in the first week of February?  The one that had four feet of snow into places that freak out over 4 inches?

Yeah, I was busy having a stroke.

I'm better enough now that I can laugh about how like it is for me to do something in the most melodramatic way possible, because being put into an ambulance at midnight and watching the second ambulance's full of guys shoveling the snow out of the my way? Priceless.  And we won't go into the second storm four days later.

I have a long road ahead of me, but I'll get there.  And I am very, very grateful for all your good wishes.


Shiny Alert Activate!

Wyrding Studios is turning 4 and having a huge sale this weekend, just in time for pre-holiday shopping and NaNoWriMo inspiration.  How does one get inspired by jewelry?  Guess you'll have to go to wyrdingstudios.com and see!

Fic Rec: Torchwood

Found via kita0610 

The Time Traveler's Daughter

The story of Jack and Alice.  Beautifully written and made me cry harder than just about anything since I read Time Traveler's Wife, and not for the reasons you'd think.   Even Thrace might like this one, though parts are post-COE, so be aware.


Prompt Me! (Part 2, the sequel)

I should have some writing time over the next few days, so I'm looking for prompts.

Hit me!


Torchwood/Doctor Who Fic Rec

I do not have words to express how much everyone needs to go read this now.

This is Jack and what will become a fandom classic.

In Perpetuity

Go read it.  Share with your friends.

Why are you still reading this?  RUN!

Let them see sheep!!

Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm is giving away classes at Rhinebeck this fall! If you want to win them, enter here.

I love yarny-goodness! And I finished my Clapotis! Pictures and more details this way.Collapse )

Deli Rule

So this is not one of the prompts someone gave me, but rather a story that has been bugging me for a while.  However, if you feel like prompting me, please do that, cause clearly I need a kick to get me writing.

And now for totally random, never happened, second person RPF.  Where no one names names and you can choose your own pairing.  (I thought of 4 that it applies to and I know there are a bunch more.)  I don't know.  Unbeta'd, written to get it out of my head.  If you like it, please do tell me what pairing it makes you think of.

Deli RuleCollapse )


Prompt me!

Okay, I need writing prompts.  General, specific, whatever you like.  Give me three words, add a pairing if you like (if you come up with a fandom I'm unfamiliar with I'll ask, but I have fairly broad interests), anything goes.

No promises on how fast I'll get them done, but I have 48 hours set aside for writing pursuits starting tomorrow afternoon, so the sooner you prompt the better!

(Also, ack!  Packing!!)

Thus Far:
Happy Phantom Finally (SPN:Ruby)
Merlin:Jealous Arthur staking his claim on Merlin Mine
Stretching rack Rack 'em Up (Merlin)
Uther thing (we'll see) Just a tease.
Torchwood: Jealous!Possessive!Jack & alien!sex-gas!horny!Ianto Kissed a Girl (and he liked it)
Drunk!Ianto & sweetheart!Jack Drift
Jealous Ianto On Earth (Dreaming)

The Best Part of a Staycation...

..is the part where you STAY.

Also, Torchwood = The Wizard of Oz.  Gwen = Dorothy, Jack = Wizard (or possibly WWotW), Tosh = Scarecrow, Ianto = Tin Man, Owen = Cowardly Lion.  


The Other Woman

Title: The Other Woman
Author: </a></b></a>katestamps 
Word Count: 189
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Jack/Ianto
Spoilers: Through "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"
Disclaimer: BBC and RTD owns all things Torchwood.
Warnings: None
Summary: Chocolate
Notes:I was digging through my files and discovered this, which I wrote last summer and never posted.  Belatedly for the [info]horizonssing challenges. This one is for Day 7   Massively unbetaed, all comments appreciated.


The Other WomanCollapse )